A Warrior for Lake County Taxpayers

About Carey


Service, integrity, leadership, and honor are more than just words for Carey Baker — they’re values to live by. These principles were instilled in Carey when he enlisted in the Florida Army National Guard at the age of 18. He served our country and state for over 31 years. While representing Central Florida as a citizen legislator, Carey was deployed to Iraq. Carey embodies the values of a true public servant.

Conservative Legislator

Carey is a conservative’s conservative. He served the needs of Central Floridians and fought for low taxes, slashed necessary government regulation, reduced wasteful spending, and saved Floridians millions. Carey was part of the Florida Legislature that passed the largest tax cut in the state’s history in 2008.

Carey also worked to improve Florida’s Property Appraisers’ offices. He worked to switch the burden of proof for high property assessments from the homeowner to the appraiser’s office. Carey led the way to take power away from the Value Adjustment Board and politicians, and give power to hard-working Floridians. He also was instrumental in modernizing appraiser offices throughout the state.


As a small business owner, Carey knows how to manage an office efficiently and effectively. He owns his father’s A. W. Peterson Gun Shop - the oldest, continuously-operating gun store in the country.

Your Property Appraiser

Carey has streamlined, renovated, and improved the Lake County Property Appraiser’s Office. He made his office more accountable, open, and transparent to Lake County property owners. Carey makes sure that every single property owner knows his or her exemptions and annual savings in a clear and understandable way — Lake County no longer has to deal with the complex system alone.

Carey is looking out for us — He makes sure scammers don’t take advantage of hard working Lake County residents.

Lake County seniors, veterans, business owners, churches, and charities know they have a Property Appraiser that is working for them.